The View South is a global film and advertising agency based out of London and Buenos Aires.

We specialise in the premium production of: 

Luxury and Iconic Hotel Videos 

Travel Film Production


On-Camera interviews

Stock footage & Photos

Short films


Film Production and Promotional services :


Film Pre Production

We begin by meeting you to learn and understand your requirements, goals and expectations for the film. We then begin by brainstorming and planning, discussing creative ideas with you, once you are happy with the idea and the scripting, we move on to the next phase. "The visual aspect "this part consists of  storyboarding for the required films. This will ensure we keep a structure and a narrative throughout the filming and post production process. The final objective is enchant your audience into the film and transmit your story or message.


Film Production

The film crews have worked across the globe, from the streets of London and New York, to the Amazon jungle and the Andean Patagonian mountain range. They are a highly experienced professional team who always deliver.



The View South stays up to date with the latest technology to ensure that its clients can have the best available image on screen.  All of its productions can now be filmed in 4K upon request. 4K is 4 times the quality of standard High Definition film. The View South’s cameras vary from the smaller new Canon EOS R to the larger Canon C200. Both cameras deliver exceptional image quality. The View South also keeps stock of a whole range of Canon L series lenses. Canon L lenses are Canon’s top and most premium lens range. Aside from cameras, The View South provides cinema dollies, tripods, vehicle mounts and various other components to assist in production.


Aerial Film

The View South provides 4K film from the air via a quadcopter and an experienced pilot team. The quadcopter provides a dynamic view and ads high production value to any project.


It is often said 60% of a film is audio. This is why The View South provides nothing less than highly experienced sound operators and the best quality Rode Microphones, Zoom recorders and Sony wireless radio microphones.



This level of production, combined with a strong creative know how, ensures viewers a cinematic level of experience for the story and brand being represented. The View South knows that branding and message are important therefore the films they make reflect this. It is The View South’s aim to convey its client’s message through the lens, and that is why it has the best talent and tools at its disposal.



Film Hosting and distribution
We’ll ensure that your film seamlessly fits into your website and online marketing campaigns.Hosting your films correctly online is key to online success. Our hosting service allows you to track and measure the success of your film online. We’ll also walk you through the entire process of utilising your films on third party platforms such as Youtube, Facebook and Vimeo. Google favors video, therefore it is our job to ensure your films are searchable and have the right key words to boost your websites standing and ranking with Google’s SEO.