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Why is online video marketing so important to both us and our clients? Well, according to eMarketer's and our own research, online video is one of the marketing approcaches that promises the greatest return on investment. Furthermore this is a growing tendency.

73 percent per cent of web viewers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video.

96 percent of of online users say online videos are helpful when making purchasing decisions.

71 perect say  watching online videos video content leaves them with a postive impression of the brand, service or company. 

If we are to take a look a the retail sector , where we are seeing videos be used to assist a customer’s journey through the sales funnel. Videos offer a better view of products, they promote trends, they express brand culture, and they make a statement that’s much bolder than most advertising methods. From longer-form videos on YouTube to bite-sized content on Vine and Instagram, the smart brands are getting on board, and they’re seeing results. Here at The View South we fully understand that now is the time that the travel industry are investing into video too and we know how to take the travel industry onto the next era of marketing and guide them every step of the way.

Some background information on who we are and what we do…. 

 The View South is a unique company that understands the importance of video marketing and we dedicated to the production and marketing of videos for the travel industry. We're are based in both Buenos Aires, Argentina and Brighton, England.

The View South was founded by Richard Szkiler in April, 2011. Prior to establishing the business in Buenos Aires, Richard filmed and directed for various charities, companies and philanthropic organisations in Sierra Leone and England. Following this, Richard moved to Argentina where he worked at one of Latin America’s largest web media companies, producing videos for fortune 500 companies with the former designer of Apple's Final Cut Pro and OSX interfaces. It was here Richard realised there was a huge lack of high quality video content within the travel sector on the web. With the rise of HD Video DSLR cameras, professional filmmaking had become affordable for all businesses. Thus The View South was born or as some others call it TVS.

The View South is a concept with its origins in the realisation that the majority of travel operators lacked video on their websites. Research indicated that the only reason for the absence of promotional video was perceived production cost. Most travel businesses see the potential of video to enhance their business if the cost is affordable.

So how do we manage to keep our costs so low in comparison to other production companies?

What many companies don't realise is that since the launch of the Canon 5D camera in 2008. The DSLR HD video wave has democratised filmmaking by making large chip cameras affordable prior to this video production was much more costly due to the high prices of large chip cameras. Thanks to the DSLR this is no longer the case. We also outsource some of our talented crew members.

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"Text and photographs cannot  adequately convey the sights and sounds of Latin America in promoting travel. Streaming video is an essential tool for travel companies and it's the best medium to show your product"
Richard Szkiler - founder of theviewsouth

  • Video Production
  • From scripting and storyboarding right through to the final edit, we always deliver artistic and intriguing videos of a cinematic quality, to ensure your brand stands out the most. Our team has over ten years of experience, we’ve filmed throughout the world from the far African land of Sierra Leone, glacier hikes in Chile, to luxury hotels in Argentina. We know how to deliver in any circumstance. This experience and skill set makes us the ideal travel and adventure film specialists.
  • Video Hosting
  • We’ll ensure that your video seamlessly fits into your website and online marketing campaigns.Hosting your videos correctly online is key to online success. Our hosting service allows you to track and measure the success of your video online. We’ll also walk you through the entire process of utilising your videos on third party platforms such as Youtube, Facebook and Vimeo.Google favors video, therefore it is our job to ensure your videos are searchable and have the right key words to boost your websites standing and ranking with Google’s SEO.
  • Video Seeding
  • Ensuring the right people see and spread the word about your video. We work closely with your video’s analytics and key target audience to successfully create engagement and conversion. Working with bloggers, tweeters and various travel websites to make sure your video is seen by the right people.
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We keep things simple by offering three key services


We have a unique and special relationship with each one our clients. We have produced videos for clients from various parts of the globe such as the United Kingdom, United States, Argentina and Chile.

Feel free to chat with us

Our team is multilingual so we are more than happy to communicate in spanish or portuguese.


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