The View South Pumas in Patagonia a short film is to have its world premier October 20th 2019 in New York at Wildlife Conservation Film Festival. Screening will take place at the Cinema Village Theatre 6:00pm . Producers Manuela Iglesias Szkiler and Richard Szkiler will be doing a Q&A session following the screening.

Pumas in Patagonia will also be apart of the Jackson Wild on tour which shares the best in nature and science films from their awards and World Wildlife Day Film Showcase with a larger audience, connecting more people to the natural world through media.





Coming 2019

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A story told with no words but with the power of sound and visuals of unspoiled Patagonia. 

Pure joy and a sensorial experience. This is a meditational film, soothing for the soul and mind. Taking its viewers on an  introspective journey of serenity. A deep breath of fresh air in a noisy world.

The illusive pumas feature prominently not in the traditional format predator vs prey but in their more common state of relaxation and contemplation, giving viewers the opportunity to connect with this untouched part of the planet through slow motion, time-lapse and aerials. 

Mountains, animals, pure water, dark skies, sunsets and sunrises are waiting to be enjoyed in this art piece where the protagonist is our loving mother nature. 

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Filmmaker Richard Szkiler and his wife Manuela’s UK company ‘The View South’ have spent over a decade promoting destinations for Tourism boards such as Iceland and Malaysia. They have specialised in promoting some of the world’s finest hotels with the Relais & Chateaux brand, creating short documentary stories all over the globe from India to Scotland. A rare breed of filmmakers with a talent for storytelling combined with  aerial cinematography astro photography, wildlife and time-lapse skills.

Richard first filmed in Patagonia for BlueGreen Adventures in 2013, since then the content has been broadcasted on UK television. Despite filming across the world Patagonia remains a place close to heart for Richard, his successful career began here after living in Argentina  for seven years where he met Manuela whom is Argentine. They both have a deep connection with Patagonia and visit frequently.